Arrow Truck Sales

The Arrow

Arrow separates itself from the competition by selling all makes and models and offering a wide array of on-site financing, insurance, warranties and other services. We specialize in over-the-road sleeper trucks and day cabs and have everything you need for convenient one-stop shopping.



    Arrow's exclusive 90 Day/25k Mile ConfidencePLUS™ coverage is standard on most 8 model year and newer trucks we sell… at no cost to you! Click here to learn more.



    Arrow offers convenient, on-site financing. Our credit approval process is simple and streamlined. Financing your used truck is easy, quick and generally problem free. We custom tailor payment schedules to meet your needs and budget. Click here to learn more.


    Extended Warranties

    Take the worry out of buying used! Protect your investment against catastrophic failure with the purchase of extended warranties. Click here to learn more Arrow also offers a comprehensive Aftertreatment warranty for additional protection on vital major system components. Click here to learn more. Arrow also offers a comprehensive Aftertreatment warranty for additional protection on vital major system components. Click here to learn more .


    24/7 Roadside Assistance

    Protection when you need it, where you need it. Our service provider networks with reputable contractors across the US and Canada who won't capitalize on your situation by charging excessive parts costs and labor rates. Plus, you'll receive the quality service you need in the event of a roadside breakdown. Click here to learn more.


    Gap Protection

    Did you know that if you suffer the total loss or unrecovered theft of your truck, your insurance company will only pay the actual cash value of your truck, which may not be enough to pay off your remaining loan? With Gap Protection, that difference is covered, so your family won't still owe money on an asset that no longer exists. Click here to learn more.


    Debt Waiver

    What would happen to your family if you suddenly passed away? With Arrow's Debt Waiver program, it means your family won't have to face the burden of a loan balance on your truck in the event of your death. Protect your family's financial security by canceling any remaining balance on your loan… full ownership of your truck goes to your family. Click here to learn more.



    As a commercial truck owner/driver, you spend your life on the road. Your truck is your livelihood and your investment. Do you have enough cash to replace your truck if it were damaged, non-drivable or totaled? Physical Damage Insurance helps protect you by fixing or replacing your truck if it's wrecked in an accident. Click here to learn more.


    Arrow Action Service

    When the unexpected happens out on the road, it can interrupt your planned delivery schedule and cost you time and money. Arrow Action Service is an emergency assistance program that delivers cost effective, responsive solution and minimizes any unwanted downtime throughout the US and Canada. Click here to learn more.